Are you tired of religion?



So was Jesus.

And so are we.

While “grace’ is no doubt a churchy word, grace is less about a church and more about a person- Jesus. This same Jesus who said, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Isn’t it ironic that while Jesus claimed to give us rest, so many Christians- whole churches, even- are consumed with religious traditions and activities?

Grace Church is a newer church plant in the Waynesboro area that seeks to break the mold of empty religiosity. Grace Church began in the heart of Pastor Richard in the Fall of 2013. After several years in student ministry and later pastoral ministry, Richard began to feel an increasing connection to the culture and community of Waynesboro and felt led to develop a core team who would step out in faith and begin the work of multiplying a new church in the area.

Grace Church is small right now, but we’re dreaming pretty big, and we’re excited to continue¬†the process of building from the ground up. As God continues to instill this dream within the hearts of others- perhaps even you!- we’ll continue to take the next steps of a new church. What that ultimately looks like won’t just impact Waynesboro- it can change the world. Come be a part of this!